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Birmingham City Former Players

10 August, 2014

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Aston Villa has a rich history and every former player that’s worn the claret & blue shirt and performed on the hallowed Villa Park turf has played his part in that history, irrespective of whether he was a star or not and the Aston Villa Former Players Association affords every former player equal respect.

We aim to be informative and helpful, not just for former Aston Villa players but also for all the supporters around the world.


The Aston Villa Former Players Association play up to twenty-five fundraising matches every year throughout the UK, and also all over Europe. Find out all about our recent events and how to get involved here…

Upcoming Events

1. AVOS v Birmingham City FP
2. AVOS v Lichfield Colts Vets XI
3. AVOS v Basford Utd FC XI

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WorldCup20 - Final Table

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